Friday, 17 November 2017

Irrigation Season Comes to a quick close

Photo of work being performed in Banff, Alberta in October

November 17, 2017.

With the snow already on the mountains, the irrigation season in the Calgary area, comes to a quick halt.  As water freezes at 0C, a concept for some people in Calgary, the irrigation portions above ground freezes up quickly.  Underground sprinkler systems are required to be winterized in climates where the ground freezes.  Calgary and area is one of those places.

The winterizing procedure is done by connecting at minimum a 185 cfm air compressor to the sprinkler system and "blowing out" all the water.  Although it is impossible to remove all the water, the majority is pushed clear out of the system, that way when the little water that remains freezes, it does not damage the sprinkler components.

Although a sprinkler blowout is occasionally possible after the temperatures dip below zero, it all depends if the ground freezes before a chinook wind blows in an warms things up.  Most likely some small damages do occur.

In Calgary, most irrigation systems are installed using polyethylene pipe which is a black pipe that stands up to the freezing temperatures better then PVC pipe (a white plastic)

Next Rain Irrigation routinely does installations until the ground is completely frozen, which is typically a week or two after the first harsh freeze, usually below minus 7C.

Irrigation drip line installed in Banff 

Dripline installed after first snow

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Spring time in Calgary

Get a lawn and garden irrigation system installed in Calgary.  Calgary has hot and dry summers that sucks the life out of everything that is not watered regularly.  Calgary lawn and garden sprinkler system installer can be found here.

This is a residential install picture from a few years ago.  Underground sprinkler system install from  2010.  Regular service is critical to keeping your sprinkler system working well.  Make sure your lawn and garden looks great this summer.

This is a new installation in NE Calgary of all places.  Corner lots are a must to irrigate as there is more yard area then a regular yard.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Sprinkler Winterizing in Calgary is done for the season

Hey Calgary, Sprinkler Winterizing is done for the season.

Underground sprinkler systems are now frozen in Calgary.  If your irrigation system has not been winterized it is best to turn the water off from the main shut off valve in the basement of the house and wait until the spring to do repairs.   Open any outside shut off valves to the system to allow the water to escape as the ice freezes.  Most people expect more damages to occur to their system then actually do occur.

In Calgary, most irrigation systems need to be left off until the first week in May.  Enjoy the winter Calgary and we look forward to servicing your underground sprinkler system next year. 

One of the last sprinkler winterizing days in Calgary in November 2013.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Find out about sprinkler winterizing in Calgary here:
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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Sprinkler Winterizing in Calgary begins September 23, 2013.
Calgary Home owners and businesses with irrigation:

You need a sprinkler blow out or winterizing before your system freezes.

Get your underground sprinkler system winterized Calgary!

Need the lawn sprinklers blow out?

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Their compressors use 185 cfm of compressed air to push out all the water out of your sprinkler system.   Make sure your irrigation system does not break this winter.

Get your system done right, get the irrigation winterization calgary before the weather turns and the system freezes.

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One of our sprinkler guys will come to your home with a 185 cfm air compressor, hook up our air hose and blow out all the water out of your irrigation system's pipes and heads with the compressed air leaving you free of worry of your pipes freezing over the winter..